Back Pain After Eating – What Does it Mean?

by LMatthews on April 21, 2014

back pain after eatingThere can be a number of reasons why back pain can strike after eating, including some things that can be fixed quite simply and others that are serious and may require surgery. Determining the cause of postprandial back pain is, therefore, very important in order to get proper treatment that could be lifesaving in some cases. Continue reading “Back Pain After Eating – What Does it Mean?” »


Top Five Worst Sports for Back Pain

by LMatthews on April 15, 2014

worst spine exercises back painWhen you have spinal stenosis and back pain you’re likely to keep being told to stay active and get regular exercise, but what if your favourite type of exercise is downright dangerous for the spine?

Find out what the top five worst sports are if you have back pain and then take a look at our suggestions as to what might be a better way of staying fit and pain-free! Continue reading “Top Five Worst Sports for Back Pain” »


Spinal Stenosis and Dizziness

by LMatthews on April 6, 2014

vertigo dizziness spinal stenosisThere are many possible causes of dizziness, including spinal stenosis, so what else should you be looking for if you suspect a spine problem is at the root of your symptoms? Continue reading “Spinal Stenosis and Dizziness” »


How To Heal Fractures Faster

by LMatthews on March 29, 2014

healing broken bone in backSticks and stones may break your bones, but can diet and lifestyle modifications help them to heal faster? Are you accidentally hindering your healing process? What can you do right now to help remineralise your broken vertebrae and relieve spine pain? Continue reading “How To Heal Fractures Faster” »


Best Ways to Sleep to Avoid Back Pain

by LMatthews on March 23, 2014

spinal stenosis back pain sleep positionsAvoiding back pain is no easy feat, but just changing the way you sleep could offer the most significant relief yet! You might be proactive about posture at work, spend time at the gym or outdoors staying fit and healthy, and avoid slouching on the couch in the evenings and at weekends but when you spend a third of your time in bed it may be that your back pain is connected to something you’re doing unconsciously. Continue reading “Best Ways to Sleep to Avoid Back Pain” »


transforaminal vs interlaminar epidural steroid injectionsWhen inflammation is at the root of back pain, steroid injections may be used to relieve that inflammation and take pressure of pinched nerves in the spine. There have been numerous problems with epidural steroid injections in recent years, including contaminated steroid products and new research indicating that these injections increase the risk of spinal fracture and degeneration in the spine. Now, a widely held view that transforaminal epidural steroid injections are better than interlaminar injections has been debunked by a systematic trial review. Continue reading “Low Back Pain Injections – Transforaminal vs. Interlaminar” »


choosing a back braceCoping with the daily agony of back pain can be exhausting and while most physicians don’t recommend continual use of a back brace (because it can cause your spinal muscles to weaken), sometimes a little support is just what you need. So, once you’ve got your doc’s approval for using a back brace, what do you need to think about when choosing a product for spinal stenosis relief? Continue reading “The Best Back Braces for Lumbar Support for Adults, Kids, Athletes and More!” »


Do Acne Bacteria Cause Lower Back Pain?

by LMatthews on March 10, 2014

acne infection and back painIn a recent study, Propionibacterium acnes, the organism that causes acne, was found in around half of herniated discs removed from patients with chronic low back pain. Is this pathogen an overlooked cause of lumbago, then? Or, is this merely coincidence? Continue reading “Do Acne Bacteria Cause Lower Back Pain?” »


Avoiding Back Pain While Travelling

by LMatthews on March 3, 2014

traveling with back pain

Asking for help can save you from back pain while travelling.

When travelling, spinal stenosis can be a real pain in… well, you know. So, if you suffer from pinched nerves, sciatica, or other form of spinal stenosis, what can you do to make it a little easier to zip around the country visiting relatives or going on vacation? Here are five top tips on beating back pain while travelling. Continue reading “Avoiding Back Pain While Travelling” »


Chronic Back Pain, Diabetes and Exercise

by LMatthews on February 23, 2014

diabetes and back pain exercise aquarobicsExercise is a key component of diabetes management and staying active is now also recognised as an essential part of relieving back pain and other chronic pain conditions. Unfortunately, a lack of energy, increased stress, poor diet, reduced joint mobility, diabetic ulcers, and increased pain can all seriously undermine efforts to exercise. Our latest article in this mini-series on back pain and diabetes looks at the role of physical activity in chronic pain relief and diabetes management. Continue reading “Chronic Back Pain, Diabetes and Exercise” »